MOSI’s Scientist Breeding Program

MOSI’s latest genetics experiment is in full swing. Here at MOSI, we are breeding the scientists of tomorrow! By carefully selecting MOSI scientific education staff as parents, we can guarantee that the future crop of scientists are destined for greatness!

image Calliope Lynn McIlrath was born on April 6th, 2010. Her mommy, Vivian McIlrath is our Youth Programs Coordinator. Vivian started at MOSI as a teenager in our YES! Team Program, attended USF, and continued teaching science and dissecting sharks all the while.

Calliope’s future goals will be to matriculate at a cool nursing school, begin eating solid foods, and to become potty trained. Her career goal is to become a marine biologist.


Rosabelle Marie Easterling was born on July 19th, 2010 to proud parents Luke and Lakin. Luke started in MOSI’s Education department in his young teenage years, left us to attend college and then was magnetically drawn back to MOSI.

We expect that Rosabelle will be working soon enough at MOSI with her dad, Uncle Jeff and Uncle Trevor. Clearly, MOSI just can’t get enough of this Easterling family. Future plans for Rosabelle include her development of new science shows for the museum, breakthrough work in string theory and the ability to crawl.

imageJocelyn Freya Hill, born May 8th 2010, is the newest of three itty bitty scientists produced by Tim Hill and his lovely wife Cara. No one really remembers how long Tim has been in the MOSI education department… he may have budded from the building itself.

As you can see by her attire, Jocelyn may well be headed into the time honored field of entomology. In the mean time she will work on bright smiles, ambulatory skills and safe handling of liquid nitrogen. Jocelyn will be helped along in her scientific endeavors by her two older siblings.pic

Alina Ponds was born August 8, 2009. Alina’s proud daddy AJ works in reservations and is one of the people you are most likely to have help you when you call the museum.

Alina’s future goals are to tackle sprinting, climbing, and using utensils. Her future career goal is to become a Marine Biologist.

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