MOSI Celebrates Throwback Thursday

Who doesn't enjoy a nice blast from the past? Starting this week, MOSI will be celebrating the popular social media trend “Throwback Thursday” (#TBT) with a different IMAX movie beginning every Thursday. These IMAX movies will be classic favorites from the past.
Throughout this celebration of Throwback Thursday, you can enjoy different IMAX films that are sure to get your adrenaline rushing. The first four in the lineup are Everest, Top Speed, Journey Into Amazing Caves and Coral Reef Adventure. Which film is sure to make your adventurous side come out? Since scuba diving is one of my hobbies, I think I’d definitely have to see Coral Reef Adventure.
Everest is the first Throwback Thursday film, which will run this week from Nov.21-Nov. 27. Everest takes you through a tragic and inspiring journey to the top of Mount Everest. This film shows a team of climbers who have to continue their climb even after several fellow climbers die during the ascent.
To learn more about our Throwback Thursday celebration, watch the IMAX movie trailers (follow the link below), or to keep up with MOSI happenings, you can follow us on Twitter @mositampa, like “MOSI” on Facebook, follow us on Instagram @mosi_tampa, or add us on Google+ “MOSI Tampa”.


For additional info, directions and ticket prices, visit MOSI.org

--Leah Bebey (MOSI’s Marketing Intern, University of South Florida)

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