It’s all in the bag

Over the last few weeks the MOSI staff were tasked with a green themed contest entitled “It’s all in the bag”. The challenge was to create art from recycled plastic bags and other recycled materials. 13 MOSI staffers created items for the contest that included sculpture, jewelry, fashion, home decor and even science education!

In a vote by the MOSI staff at our March staff meeting, winners for the contest were selected. Kelly C. took the 1st place in the contest with her fashion belt woven from strips of plastic bags. A second place tie was had between James W. and Steve A. James W. created a reproduction of DaVinci’s parachute and Steve A. sculpted a rose from recycled aluminum foil. Third place went to Adriana D for her creation of a fashion handbag.

Items created for the contest are currently on display in the Dr. Gladys Kashdin Welcome Center in front of the Science To Go store.

Special thanks to Laurie P. for creating and overseeing the entire contest process. Great work, great fun and great creativity from the MOSI/SSA staff!

Since joining the MOSI team in Oct 2009, SSA (which runs MOSI’s gift shops) has brought their nationwide reputation for ecological sustainability to its MOSI operation. The “It’s all in the bag” contest is a small part of the SSA/MOSI partnership’s initiative to enhance awareness of sustainability among MOSI staff members & guests.

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