Treasures of the Modern Renaissance: Titian’s white gown.

Based upon a 1553 painting by Titian entitled Portrait of a Lady in DSCN0618White, this gown was created by local artisan Maureen Cox. Also known as Girl with a Fan, the portrait by Titian shows a young woman dressed in a sumptuous white gown, wearing pearls and holding a dainty fan. Using silver threaded brocade, silks, ribbons, lace and hundreds of hand beaded pearls, Maureen has created a snowy masterpiece of a gown.

Titian was born Tiziano Vecellio (c. 1473/1490 – 27 August 1576) was one of the finest painters of the Venetian school of painting of the Italian Renaissance. In his later years Titian created many portraits of women, several of which used his beloved daughter Livinia as the subject. He died a victim of the plague in ravaged Venice and was interred at Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in the same city.

The painting Portrait of a Lady in White has been connected with Titian’s daughter Lavinia who may be the model for the lady in white. The portrait is now housed at the Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden (Dresden State Art Collections).

About the Artist: Maureen Cox

Maureen Cox is currently pursuing a dual Masters Degree from the University of South Florida in Art History and Library Science and resides in Land O’Lakes. Interested in medieval and Renaissance costuming, illumination, calligraphy, portraiture, the history of makeup, and medieval cooking, Maureen is also a fan of modern arts and film of all sorts. Maureen is known as Mistress Muirenn ingen Ui Ceilleachair, OL in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

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