Treasures of the Modern Renaissance: Venetian Berretta 1512

DSCN0739Venetian Berretta 1512: Suede and linen in a design of heraldic diamonds.

"Berretta" was a term used to describe any hat worn at an angle on the head which was rounded or conical and brimless. Venetians were fond of bright and ornamented clothing and were exposed to a great deal more variety of goods as Venice was a centralized shipping port. This hat may have been worn by a young male noble who was a member of the "Grande Case", the elite upper class of Venice.

About the Artist: Vandy Pacetti-Tune Franca portrait

Vandy Pacetti-Tune is a teacher/librarian and researcher residing in Auburndale, Florida. As a hatter, Ms. Tune recreates hats from Italian Renaissance portraiture. Vandy Pacetti-Tune is also known as Lady Franca Donato, a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

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