Behind the Scenes: 3rd floor construction

If you drop by MOSI anytime soon you are going to notice some major construction happening on the 3rd floor of the main museum building. Right now we are working to remove our venerable Space and Flight exhibit to make way for the next phase of The Amazing You which is scheduled to open April of 2010.

Some of the more beloved parts of the Space and Flight area are being relocated to the Kids in Charge building, so look for some additions there in the comings weeks. I went behind the scenes and snapped some pictures of the tear out so you can all follow along from home.

Down on the first floor there is also construction prepping for the opening of Da Vinci: The Genius which opens February 13th, 2010. You’ll see that a new gift store is being constructed and you might hear some construction sounds as the walls of the exhibit begin to come together inside the exhibit gallery.