Scientifically Delicious!

     As an intern here at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), I could not be more thrilled for my first event. This evening, MOSI will be hosting the popular Food Truck Madness event featuring,“Monsters After Dark” from 6p.m. until 10p.m. This event will allow foodies to combine their love for science and food all in one event.

     I must say, I am most excited for the food trucks attending this event. In my experience, food truck cuisine has always been some of the most delicious food that fits my college student budget. I plan on getting a little something from a few different trucks, so that I can enjoy a variety of the delectable options.
You can expect to see some of Tampa’s best food trucks at this event including: Rollin Zoinks, which is known for its awesome wraps, Maggie on the Move,which offers mouth watering Mediterranean cuisine, Renny’s Oki Doki, will bringing some Asian fusion flare to the mix, and Monsta Lobsta, for all of you fresh seafood lovers out there. Be sure to click on the food trucks’ Facebook links to get your appetite going. Pictured are just a few of the dishes I plan on trying. Some of the other popular food trucks to look out for tonight include, Jimmy Meatballs, Sarge’s BBQ, Ain’t no thing, Lizzie cakes, Pasta Bowl and more.

     After filling up on the most scrumptious eats in Tampa, take advantage of the last weekend of MOSI’s Sea Monsters Revealed exhibition. The exhibit exposes some of the most mysterious creatures of the ocean.
My personal favorite is the preserved giant squid which is deemed the largest in North America. The exhibit also allows people to take pictures from inside the jaws of a giant Megalodon, touch live creatures, and view a pregnant silky shark and her babies. This will be one of the last chances to visit the exhibit before it leaves MOSI forever.  

    This fun filled night has something for everyone. Be sure to plot out your night by visiting our website at MOSI.org to see all of the available exhibits, as well as checking out the Food Truck Madness Facebook page to learn more about the event. Admission and parking for Food Truck Madness are free, additional fees for Sky Trail® and Sea Monsters revealed apply. MOSI’s general exhibits will be available for only $5. Call 813-987-6000 to order your Sea Monsters Revealed tickets in advance.

For additional information visit MOSI.org

-Kiersten Flint (MOSI’s Communications Intern, Florida Gulf Coast University)