Festival of Chocolate Coming Soon to MOSI

Why Go "Bonkers" for Chocolate?

Did you know chocolate can actually be good for you? New studies show chocolate and its main ingredient, cocoa, help lower blood pressure, prevent cancer and help muscles recover from exercise and spruce up your skin. Surprisingly, chocolate also increases your brain activity and heart rate far more than a passionate-kiss. In short, you get a natural buzz from chocolate.

So, what in chocolate makes it so spectacular? The key is the increase of antioxidants caused by flavonoids. Scientists have identified two types of flavonoids that have powerful antioxidant effects: flavanols and procyanidins. Studies show flavanols and procyanidins are stable during gastric transit. After absorption, the flavanols are mainly methylated and glucuronidated or are bound to sulphate. Flavanols act as an antioxidant by donating hydrogen (from the hydroxyl group), thereby neutralizing free radicals and by chelating metal ions.

Although the level of flavonoids in cocoa is dependent on variety, time of harvest and climate, it’s still good for you. Turns out, cocoa may have stronger antioxidant properties than blueberries, garlic, tea or red wine.

So, if you feel the need to overindulge in chocolate, make sure to join MOSI this January for the Festival of Chocolate.

The Festival of Chocolate
Florida’s Largest All-Chocolate Shopping, Tasting, Educational and Interactive Event!
January 15-17, 2011

We will see you there!