Dexter's Lab - Day one as an intern at MOSI

Today marks my first day as an intern at MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry) and so far it has been a day of nostalgia. Growing up in the area, I spent a lot of time here with school field trips and summer programs. Some of my interests are because of MOSI. When I tell my friends that I wouldn't mind being a storm chaser, they stare at me with a look that says "What is wrong with you?" Then they ask why and I tell them that MOSI showed me the informative and interesting side to tornadoes and hurricanes. As destructive and dangerous as they are, there is something beautiful about them.

During my trip down memory lane, I was taken to a new area (well, new to me) called Kids in Charge. This area is for kids 12 and under, and in my opinion, for anyone who is still a kid at heart. The most interesting thing to me was Mission Moonbase. You start in a room that makes you seem like you are on a spaceship launching from Tampa, FL to the moon. Then you exit the room and enter into "The Moonbase" which is an informative/interactive area. Is it possible that adults will enjoy this more than their kids? Next to Kids in Charge there is a ropes course and zip line and one day I will find time (not a work day) to go out there and enjoy. I could see myself spending several hours on the ropes course, the zip line and in the Kids in Charge area.

MOSI currently has an exhibit called Sea Monsters Revealed, that shows the internal structure of sea creatures throughout the oceans. The term "Sea Monsters" is used because when we do not fully understand a creature, we refer to it as a monster. The exhibit is designed to help us understand these marine creatures and shows various types of sharks, squids and fish, some that I have never heard of.

As this was my first day, I was thinking I would do a quick tour, get acquainted with various staff members and be given something to work on as my first project. While all of those things did happen, I was also able to witness and be a part of the filming of a commercial. Luckily I did not have any speaking roles or things could have been really bad. I was able to get a few pictures from behind the scenes before it was time for my "close-up."

I know the rest of my internship will not be as simple as today, but just because I have to do actual work not mean that I cannot have fun doing my job. I am looking forward to the rest of my summer here at MOSI. 

-Dexter (Marketing intern, Florida Atlantic University)