MOSI Digs Up a Little Piece of History

MOSI Digs Up a Little Piece of History
Brittany Vaill, MOSI Communications Intern


            Reduce, reuse, recycle. It’s a saying that kids are taught, that has been made into songs, and that fuels our knowledge on how to save the planet. If we follow those three steps, we can live on a better, healthier, Earth. MOSI decided 20 years ago to bury a time capsule that is all about the evolution of recycling, and we’re getting ready to open it and show the world.
MOSI sealed and buried a time capsule full of recyclables in 1993 to examine and teach the future generation how technology has advanced in the world of recycled materials. The time capsule will be unveiled at 12 p.m. Saturday, September 21. The capsule can be found at the base of Recyclosaurus Rex, the huge dinosaur standing guard at the front of MOSI. The artist who built this environmentally terrifying creature, Terry Klaaren, will be visiting MOSI for the unveiling.
Here at MOSI we strive to make education fun, and this recycling lesson will be one the kids enjoy. “(The time capsule) is a symbol of everything MOSI is and has been to the community for the past 20 years – as science, technology and the world of recycling has evolved, MOSI has been there, helping to facilitate and educate, while keeping it fun and interesting,” said MOSI’s President and CEO, Wit Ostrenko.
The Expo will have games, music, and feature companies and organizations that are environmentally friendly. Going Green Tampa, an organization that brings awareness to the Bay area community about local eco-friendly businesses, events, and sustainable living, will be a vendor. Whole Foods Market, City of Tampa Recycling, Truck Farm Tampa, and The Mosaic Express will also be here.
            PNC Grow Up Great – Mobile Learning Adventure, a traveling exhibit that provides caregivers and parents information on the importance of early childhood education, will also be in attendance. The “When I Grow Up” station lets kids pick their make believe career and dress up as little professionals. Kids can take a picture and superimpose an appropriate background for the outfit. Parents can also take home activity books and learning kits that can make everyday activities an educational experience.
 If you want your child to understand the importance of recycling or want a community-based event to spend your Saturday, visit our Environmental Expo.