The Amazing You: Phase II

Opening this Saturday, April 10th 2010, you can now find The Amazing You: Phase II located on the third floor of MOSI.

Building upon the concepts presented in The Amazing You covering conception through teenage years, The Amazing You: Phase II covers topics of the body and health relating to young adults through to seniors. You can watch interviews with organ donors, check out a simulated patient and scanner technology, and listen to heart rhythms in the cardiology exhibit. Other exhibits detail joint replacements, the power of laughter and meditation, cancer detection and research and scores more health topics relating to the later years of life.

One of the highlights of the exhibit is Mindball: a two player game using brain waves to send a plastic ball over to your opponent’s side. The most relaxed player wins! For a sure advantage, make sure to visit the ‘zen room’ before game play.

Construction is being completed this week on the third floor at MOSI to be ready for the Saturday opening to the public. Hope to see you there!

This exhibition is sponsored by MetLife Foundation.


Florida’s Fabulous Visitors

Black Mangrove AS164W LGGMOSI’s second floor connecting corridor gallery is currently host to a beautiful art exhibition entitled Florida’s Fabulous Visitors by artist Debra Jane Carey. Gorgeous botanical drawings invite you to discover how plant-animal communities support Florida's wildlife by detailing the interactions of plants and wildlife.

Butterflies are show with their host plants, pollinators with the plants that rely upon them. These stunning drawings allow you the up-close look at nature that is a rarity in the wild.

“Botanical Illustration is a balance between the realistic rendering of a plant and the stylistic interpretation of the artist.”

Debra Jane Carey is an internationally recognized and award-winning artist who brings nature alive by spotlighting in breathtaking detail the magic of plants and animals.

About The Artist—Illustrator joined the University of Illinois Master Zebra Longwing AS150W LGGGardener Program in 1993 where she trained in botany and entomology.

Carey achieved her Certificate in Botanical Art & Illustration in 1998. Her art embodies her fine draftsmanship and a thorough understanding of the subject matter. In 2002, Carey taught research, history and techniques of botanical illustration at Ringling School of Art and Design. The compilation of this course is detailed in the book, “Ten Steps: A Course in Botanical Art & Illustration, Vol. III O.M. Briada 2005.

Carey exhibits nationally and locally in 2006 with Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida. She collaborated with Selby to create artwork in turn posters that won the “education award” for a booth at the American Orchid Society Florida tour.

clip_image002[5]Bishop Kay Ward, 2009 published her third inspirational book Hoping for Spring. Debra contributed illustrations to the book cover.

Dr. Emrys Miles Chew Khean Aun, Editor of the prestigious Malayan Orchid Review published Debra’s Darwin’s Prediction Illustration in the December 2009 editorial titled The Orchid in Representational Culture.

Debra’s greeting cards are available for purchase at the MOSI museum store.