Our Favorite Things: BioWorks Butterfly Garden

The BioWorks Butterfly Garden at MOSI rears and exhibits Florida native butterflies that are local to the Tampa Bay area. Butterflies can be seen in all life stages: eggs, caterpillars, chrysalis and adult butterflies. In BioWorks, the real message is how you can turn your own yard into a butterfly oasis by providing the right plants and habitat for native butterflies.

The BioWorks Butterfly Garden is the favorite thing of Kimberly Gil, MOSI’s Accounts Receivable Coordinator.

Kimberly writes “It is a beautiful and peaceful area that invites the eye and encourages thoughtful questions. It is especially wonderful when the knowledgeable staff can answer questions in regards to the butterflies, their lifespan and habits. Visiting the Garden is a quick and easy way to recharge so I can finish the rest of my workday.”

Learn more about the BioWorks Butterfly Garden at the garden’s blog: Tales from the Butterfly Garden.

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