Our Favorite Things: Eye Maxed

This sculpture entitled “Eye Maxed” can be seen in the lobby of MOSI’s IMAX Theater.

Created by sculptor Robert McNabb this piece incorporates the primary mirror (Collector) of our IMAX projector. The collector mirror reflects light from the 15kw lamp inside the IMAX projector to project the film image onto our gigantic domed screen. This particular collector was replaced some months ago and rather than becoming trash, this old and large part from the IMAX projector became art!

“Eye Maxed” is the favorite MOSI thing of MOSI’s IMAX Director, Zarth Bertsch. We invite you to come check out “Eye Maxed”, stay for a festive beverage in Bar 1570 and then catch a movie in the IMAX dome theater.

You can learn more about artist Robert McNabb at his website: http://www.mindinmetal.com/.

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